A very long awaited update!

After a very intense finish to my Fine Art degree this blog went into a kind of hibernation because I honestly just lacked motivation and energy to write a post.

However over the past month I have regained my productivity and begun making more artwork and even a fancy “professional” artist website.

So, I did finish this giant colouring in (a few months ago now) and it used up a lot of my crayons!

I think it’s interesting because it holds the anxiety I felt at the beginning of lockdown, it was my outlet for those feelings so they all channeled into it. It’s colourful playful aesthetic kind of makes light of the whole pandemic, which is what I feel I needed, despite the severity of it in reality.

Going forward I’m going to be posting more regularly. I will be moving to Glasgow and starting to create more artwork in my own space, focusing especially on environmental activist art, so watch this space!

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