Black Lives Matter

I wanted to make this post, because it is so important to speak up about this. I have this platform for raising awareness that is separate from social media, it can be viewed by anyone with internet access, not just a small number of followers on my Instagram accounts.

Like many people I am sickened and heartbroken by the treatment of people of colour in countries all over the world, including the UK. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minnesota is a tragedy that should never have happened and it is unfortunately by no means an isolated incident. The racist system of black oppression and white privilege has taken the lives of too many over hundreds of years and it has to stop.

I am listening and learning, recognising my privilege and working to support people of colour. This post is intended to promote the work and amplify the voices of people in the black community and other people of colour, as we come together to oppose white supremacy and call for justice.


(Not my image, found on Instagram #blacklivesmatter)

Since this is an environmental art blog, I thought I’d start with sharing a few fantastic environmental activists and artists, who are people of colour. Support them on Instagram…

Environmentalists For Black Lives Matter

@greengirlleah (creator of the Intersectional Environmentalism Pledge)





Artists For Black Lives Matter (many of these are the accounts of fellow Leeds Arts University artists)



@artbyadrafa (Website:


@okocha_obasi (Director of @RACEZINE)



Other accounts to support and learn from:







More ways to speak up:

Continue to be actively anti-racist! Share anti-racism on social media, sign petitions, donate, educate yourself, educate the people around you by having conversations, support black owned businesses, vote!

You can email your MP, @michaelaccullen has created an email template available on Instagram.

For many, joining an actual protest is not an option. But you can protest from the comfort of your own home. Put messages of support for the black community in your window, just as we did with the rainbows for the NHS.

Reversed Image of BLM Message on my front window

Keep supporting keep spreading kindness.

As @millennialblack on Instagram has put so very well…

(Not my image. from Instagram @millennialblack)

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