Checking in!

Hello internet. I have unfortunately been absent from this blog for a couple of weeks. I usually try to prep a post on Sunday and get it up Sunday night / Monday morning, but for a few reasons that has been difficult recently. I have been working on a large post about fast fashion that I will hopefully finish soon and I have been more busy then usual in general because I’m in my final year of uni. But a big contributor to my lack of posting has been coronavirus…

As someone with health anxiety I have been struggling to stay positive at times. With all the underlying (and non-underlying) stress from our current global situation, I have found it hard to stay motivated.

As I’m sure many of you are in the same boat I thought I’d share. Hopefully knowing others are having difficulties with this is a comfort to some of you and we can try to keep each other positive.

Here are some of the things I have been doing to combat the bad thoughts!

  1. NOT checking coronavirus updates constantly. Being informed enough to stay safe but avoiding excessive exposure to media coverage on this subject.
  2. Accepting that its normal to have fear and anxiety while not allowing that to take over by focusing on what I can control e.g. washing my hands, social distancing…
  3. Distracting myself by keeping busy with work/ being creative.
  4. Going out SAFELY. I have been social distancing, but I have been getting out into nature. It’s always cathartic and its something to do which doesn’t involve contact with anyone. In other words I’m taking my dog on a lot of long walks at the moment. He thinks it’s great!
Jumping action shot
NASA Image

One more thing – I have been wondering how all of this will affect the environment and climate crisis. There has been an image going round comparing pollution in China before and during Covid-19 showing that pollution has dramatically decreased. But will this last, or will corporations over compensate when this is all over? Exploring this might have to be another post!

What ever the ecological after effects are to be, there is no denying that in the case of coronavirus people all over the world are relying on science for information and instruction. I hope that this will spur discussion on the climate crisis and urge more people to accept what scientist say about the climate and environment. It is something to be taken just as seriously (if not more) as covid-19.

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