Bulletin Boards

An informative art display on classroom like bulletin boards. I got to show these for a short time to a methodist church congregation in Huddersfield. From their feedback many people were worried about excess waste and it’s environmental impacts. They already had an awareness of the issues involved but were more shocked by the amounts we send to landfill.

Board 1

Board 1 featuring snapshots of waste in Leeds, informative posters and large scale image of landfill.

It was interesting to show snapshots of rubbish from Leeds in a smaller town venue because they picture a scene less common in Huddersfield. It highlighted the trend in increased population (and more built up areas), and increased waste.

Board 2

Board 2 shows a “Go Zero Waste” poster I made next to the 6 R’s (Rethink, Repair, Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Reinvent). I think it allows views to not only be aware of what they can do to help, but to actually have the knowledge to take action. Board 2 also features two digital prints of my drawings of Leeds bins with rubbish piles. And fragmented icons and sections of urban space to tie it all together like a classroom display.

Go Zero Waste Poster

I put in a feedback sheet for views thoughts on the display, however not many people actually wrote on it. Most of the feedback was verbal, with people mainly in shock at the facts and disgusted at the snapshots of waste. There was a positive attitude towards the possibility of chaining habits and working towards a less wasteful society.

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