Objects of desire

Objects of Desire – Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope of furniture drawings, pattern filled with patterns from images of litter.

I created this when thinking of mainly domestic “objects of desire”. Things most of us in the UK expect to have or at least aspire to have. Furniture is an obvious category for objects of desire because it is relatable, every day stuff that we just get used to.

It makes you mindful of people that are without these items that some of us take for granted. A critique of “Fast Furniture” – furniture made for a season and to be used for a short time before being disposed of. Usually cheaply and unsustainably made, its main purpose is to be “on trend”.

Alternatives to fast furniture:

  1. Buy second hand – go for vintage or find a bargain on eBay! There are so many options when it comes to second hand furniture, mostly cheaper then buying new.
  2. Buy locally – find a local maker that makes pieces that will last you, uniquely yours and can be passed down in your family. Chances are artisan furniture will be made more sustainably and ethically then that of a big brand.
  3. Fix/up-cycle/ make your own – if you’re replacing furniture because its broken, consider wether its worth fixing first. If you have the time, skills and resources fixing can save you the most money. Up-cycling is similar but may be more of a project. You can create newness from your old pieces. Making your own furniture gives you pieces that are custom made to suit you, by you! The most difficult of the options arguably, but if you have an appetite for furniture building this is a great option and can be very satisfying.

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