Trading Spaces

In 2019 Emily Harling was commissioned amongst a group of 7 artists to create a piece of artwork in response to Central Square, a shopping mall which was also the location of an old train station. The artists, Emily Harling, Ben Allen, Tanith Rhodes, Glen Ogden, Ruth Saltman, Seren Oakley and Bethany Chamberlain were funded £200 each to create a sculpture or installation in the space.

Emily created a site-responsive digital print installation, a representation of Central Square through biomorphic style abstraction. In this acetate mural colourful shapes drawn from snapshots of the surrounding landscape and arranged into computerised forms, are brought back into the original location. The arrangement is a kaleidoscopic pattern across 6 panels, made to fit the entrance windows. Creating a dialogue with the place and drawing attention to it. This work incorporates light and transparency and therefore demonstrates the passage of time.

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