What I had planned for my Degree Show

As I have previously discussed on this blog, the pandemic has changed how graduating art students will be showcasing work this year. For my practice this has meant not fulfilling what I had planned, in terms of how my work is experienced by an audience. So I thought I’d share my original proposal, prior to the pandemic, before the online degree show is up.

I imagined a miniature park style installation, based upon and representative of my local area and it’s struggle with waste. With terraces and streets brought inside, being consumed by an abundance of bins, rubbish piles and scattered litter. There would have been a projection of a polluted sky in the background.

Collage Mock-up

This is a collage mocking-up how my installation night have looked. The viewers would be like giants among the small structures and the waste would stand out, being larger then the terraces and more saturated.

What I would want viewers to take away from this representation of throw-away society is the severity of the problem and the need for positive environmental change, in ways that they could influence by living sustainably. Its purpose would be to encourage viewers to make small changes like refusing single-use items, by educating them on how to do it.

Below is my mock-up pages for a “welcome leaflet” that would have accompanied the installation. It includes alarming facts and figures among playful tongue-in-cheek games. Aesthetically it is inspired by similar leaflets that you might get when visiting quintessential British towns, usually discussing the locations history or promoting a railway etc. It is kind of cheesy/vintage looking.

The sites are all disgusting scenes of waste. I was comically pretending that they are a kind of ‘selling point’, attracting visitors to “Red Brick Miniature Park”. While showing the pictures of real grimness that inspired this idea in the first place.

If I were to actually make the leaflet I would have gone a little further with “The Facts”. By making clear that our excessive waste has a devastating global impact and drawing upon the more socio-political factors involved.

I would have also gone into more detail on “Taking Action”. Specifically in terms of how we can all take part in environmental activism and call out corporations on their harmful ways.

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