“Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats we face, yet it is also one of the easiest for individuals and businesses to act upon”

– Anderson Cooper

Bulletin Board Mockup

It seems as if we cannot live without plastic. Everywhere we go we see it, conveniently wrapping up, protecting products we all buy.

But at what cost is this convenience for the planet?

With plastic entering the ocean at 8 million tons every year and only an estimated (up to) 20% of plastic discarded being recycled. It’s time to prioritise plastic reduction.

One good thing about plastic is that many things that are made from it can last, if looked after. In my opinion if you need to buy plastic products at all it’s better to opt for something that can be reused (and hopefully not discarded) over a single-use item.

However the main focus should be reducing demand for new plastic production by avoiding buying new plastic whenever possible.

It also helps to hold companies accountable by calling them out on social media or signing petitions.

Screenshot of Instagram Story Pointless Plastic

When taking action on your awareness it doesn’t have to be something huge or complicated, just do something.

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